First Baptist Church of La Crosse, Wisconsin
First Baptist Church of
La Crosse, Wisconsin
1209 Main Street
La Crosse, WI
(608) 782-6553

Church Leaders/Staff


Church Secretary Ella Little
Church Organist Brad Lebakken
Church Choir Director James Munn
Church Custodian Sheila Kendhammer
Minister Timothy R. Ashley


Inside Mission Team:
Care of One Another: Boni Johnson*
Worship & Music Judy Schmitz
Education & Learning Maxine Ashley

Outside Mission Team:

Outreach: Mark Stahlhut
Community Service: Nancy Boehm
Resource Management: David Russell*
Communications Coordinator VACANT

* Team Leader

The goals and directions of the congregation are set by the congregation itself at quarterly meetings. The leaders listed above are those persons chosen to help carry out these goals and directions. They may co-opt and appoint such others as necessary to do their work.